I don't understand why really tough things happen to good people. Instead of turning their back on God, Virag & James turn towards Him with their questions, doubts, disappointments and frustrations and in doing so experience His peace in a remarkable way. Virag writes with passion and honesty and her beautiful heart as a mother shines throughout. Something special happens when we share our common humanity and fragility in the way Virag has done in My Mighty Son.

Patrick Regan OBE 
Founder & CEO of XLP

Virág has written a book that is refreshingly honest, engagingly written in a way that invites us in to the series of problems which she, her son Luke and husband James face. She has a disarmingly open and direct way of writing as she tells her love story. This book will be a real help not just to parents in similar situations, but to relatives and friends, carers, nurses and others trying to understand and stand alongside them.
The Venerable Trevor Lloyd
Chairman of Trustees, Children's Hospice South West

This book so simple, honest and powerful was for me a way to meet beautiful persons. This family is amazing and through Virag voice we hear all the love and the strength around her.
This story is not sad, Hope is in every word. This is the story of a teaching, the teacher is a little baby, a mighty little boy.

This is a remarkable book full of honesty , compassion, love and faith. It shows how a family buffeted by news of a terrible illness in their wonderful son,found the strength to go on living, hoping and growing through it .It will give hope and strength to all who read it .I highly recommend it .
I don't really like reading books but I couldn't stop reading this book as I was so interested in Luke's life. It's written in easy English and so close to me as I had similar teenage life and experiences. It's great how Virág writes about her relationship with God and how He leads her all the time. I loved every single page of the book and would recommend to everyone.

Virag is so honest about her faith, relationships, fears and hopes. I coudn't put the book down and have been inspired by the amazing strength that she, James and Luke have. A great read.

What an honest an uplifting read! I couldn't put it down, it kept me booked right till the end and after that I just wanted to know happened next? I really recommend it to anyone but especially to someone who struggles with illness in their lives. Thanks for being honest and writing this book Virag.

Knowing Luke's story I thought I would be saddened by reading Virag's book. But instead of sadness I felt hope.
An honest and profound book full of belief and love.

I couldn't stop reading this book, so I finished in 2 days. I found this exciting, easy to read and understand. I had to search the medical terms only in the dictionary. 
This book is a travel guide of a delicate girl or flower (Virág means flower in Hungarian) who has a difficult journey, but she found how can drive on a dumpy road.
I have found this book more than a simple sad but true story, this is about how could Virág find the meaning of his life, how could she find God and his/their way to heaven.
This is a very good book, a demanding, real masterpiece creation.
There is a recurring question in the book, I think there must be the answers in the episode II :)
Congratulation for this book!