My Mighty Son (PDF eBook)

A true story of endurance and overcoming against the odds.

Virag tells the story of her life; from growing up in Hungary, moving to the UK and getting married, to her struggles when her son Luke was diagnosed with an aggresive life threatening brain tumour, and the rollercoaster journey that followed. All through the story, Virag finds and becomes closer to God, and comes to rest on His strength and promises during the most challenging of times.

"I realised that I have a very special son. He has showed me how not to be afraid of anything...whatever happens to him or to us, everything is going to be OK. God never leaves you. Never!"

Patrick Regan OBE says that "Virag writes with passion and honesty and her beautiful heart shines throughout. Something special happens when we share our common humanity and fragility in the way Virag has done in this book."

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